SCUM 2018 - SL6 Round 10 Match Report

Play for ANU, they said. Travel to suburbs you've never even heard of, they said. Play football on a pitch without lines, they said. And lo, fourteen men found themselves in Waramanga, playing for ANU's brave sexies on an unmarked pitch. Our opponents were unbeaten Weston Molongo, famous for playing route one hoof-ball of the most desperate sort. And hoof they did. Elon Musk spent billions sending a car into space, but he can eat shit because Weston Molongo launch stuff into orbit for nothing. The sexies' midfield found it hard to establish their crisp passing style, instead developing sore necks from watching the ball endlessly fly over them. Most of the game was spent waiting in the cold for the ball to fall to earth, and when it did we were treated to a referee whose interpretation of the rules was as loose as his waistband wasn't.

The sexies conceded first, from a long ball as unsurprising as Gus Polhill attempting a first-time shot from 40 yards, but were soon on level terms. Ryan Lovie poked home to make amends for a missed sitter earlier in the match, but the excitement was sadly too much for his knee, which exploded soon afterwards to leave him hobbling off. 1-1 at half-time.

The second half started with an ANU goal 

from a Div 5 ringer whose name I can't remember (sorry :| ). Good finish though, having seemingly taken the ball too wide when through on goal. About twenty minutes later, your humble correspondent got caught in central midfield and laid a goal on a plate for the Westons (sorry again :| ). In between, we were treated to some more space-ball as Weston took it higher than Sly & the Family Stone.

2-2 and that's how it stayed, though there was enough time for ANU to pick up two more serious-ish injuries to leave our squad looking worryingly light over the coming weeks. No shame to leave with a point, but possibly a missed opportunity to take all three. One of the match balls remains up in the air; Stromlo Observatory are on the hunt for it.

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