SCUM 2018 - SL3 Round 10 Match Report

With star player, Jeremy Saleh, sidelined through injury, it was up to the team notorious for being a one-man-team to step up and put in a performance that was indicative of a team pushing for a top 4 spot. 

Numbers were tight for Jeremy's Angel's, so we had to call upon half of the 4's team to step up and put in a shift. But the biggest shift was eventually put in on the sidelines, with star player turned star coach, putting in a Pep Guardiola type of a shift to ensure that his angels were putting in a commanding effort. Marco De Angelis, fringe player for the 4's, plowed through the Burns FC defence like he plows through Jager Bombs in DSM on a Saturday night (I would have made reference to how he plows through girls - but I would be lying), and dinked the oncoming keeper. We then conceded a penalty, which they scored. Minutes later, however, Burn's weak link, number 24, who had been chatting shit the whole game, and continued to do so even after this incident, scored the most ridiculous own goal from outside of his own box.

Nothing really happened in the second half except for a couple of punches being thrown, only for it to be given as a yellow card from the referee.

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