SCUM 2018 - Macca's World Cup Preparation Guide

Before the World Cup begins. Begin your preparations...

  • Wallchart affixed to fridge door with novelty football magnets? Tick. 
  • Panini sticker album half-filled in and forgotten about? Tick. (Sticker books still available at Jamison Newsagency). 
  • Seventeen different World Cup supplements devoured and scoured? Tick. 
  • Profiles of all 736 players travelling to Russia from memorised? Tick. 
  • A guide to World Cup 2018 on standby for pub debate settlement? Tickety-tick tick tick! 
Armed with all the requisite gear but still as clueless as ever, your World Cup Correspondent is so wound up with anticipation and so giddy with excitement I continue (with the Guardian's assistance to the latter diatribe) to the countdown to Friday, when the competition kicks off.

Other tips on how to enjoy this every four year event.
  • Have your office sweepstake organised yet? 
  • Celebrate diversity through classroom activities inspired by football. SBS at has a sample sweepstake, interactive wall chart plus a whole range of activities to work through including a kahoot! Send this link to your school!  

Where to watch in Australia?

Watch it live with the Club!
France v Australia - Kick off: 8pm - Venue: Hellenic Club in the City. [Facebook event link]
Denmark v Australia - Kick off: 10pm, 21 June. - Venue: Hellenic Club in the City. [Facebook event link]
Peru v Australia - Kick off: Midnight, 27 June - Venue: at home in your pjs (no live club viewing scheduled)

Can Australia end up in the top two to progress to the next round? Not based on rankings but if given a go, the Socceroos can surprise.

My routine looks like: 10pm live game on Optus. Wake up and watch highlight game or recording at 6.30am before work on SBS. 5.30pm highlights show on SBS. Do this all again for the first ten days!

Get some sleep, have your caffeine and supplies near by. Enjoy the World Cup feast of Football!

And of course it wouldn't be the SCUM without a gallery of World Cup Fans! 

(Mildly NSFW below)

Almost there!

SPONSOR: Hellenic Club
The ANUFC is proudly sponsored by the Hellenic Club of Canberra. Get down to the club each weekend to use your Man of the Match voucher, generously provided by Hellenic Club in the City.