SCUM 2018 - SL7 Round 9 match report

Another week, and yet another win for the Div 7 lads, 8-0 this time, putting us three points clear at the top of the table.

Owing to the draw-boffins of Capital Football who have far too much common sense, we were up against Tuggeranong for the second time in three weeks. 

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the game was that none of the boys got lost finding the ground, given we were playing away at ANU South (well, it was a home game, but they are as a rare as conceding goals for us).

Probably still reeling from their 9-1 defeat only a few weeks ago, Tuggeranong either got lost or had given up hope before kick-off with only 10 men taking the field for the first few minutes. Slow starts have been fairly common for us this year, but two goals in the first two minutes had everyone considering (or at least the sub bench, or at least me as linesman) whether it was worth packing up early and heading to the pub given the Antarctic-like conditions.

With the strike team of Eoin and Dan 

so far out in front of the goal scoring tally this season, the battle for the coveted ANU Div 7 Trophy for Third Highest Top Scorer heated up with Tim and Felix staking their claim. The wingers took it upon themselves to make sure their crosses and shots were not touched by our eager midfield following through to tap the ball in. Harry selflessly sacrificed his goal to further Tim’s cause after claiming he didn’t touch the cross before it crossed the goal, while Felix made sure that the whole of Tuggeranong could hear his call to “Don’t touch the ball!” to our midfield following through on a shot over the keeper's head.

Wilson led the make-shift defence with bravery taking a hit to the leg, though his bravery and work ethic was questioned by Coach Jules when he later reached for the gloves.

Up by many, many goals at half time (too many I lost count), a pretty jovial half time talk ensued. Things did get serious though when it was noted we couldn’t allow the ‘Klean Sheet Killa’ to strike again, as he did several weeks ago in the corresponding match (see Round 6 match report). Fortunately no passes were given to the opposition in front of goal this time.

Some solid goals in the second half, with many chances created. Drew did his best to make friends with the referee by kindly pointing out some of his flaws. Eoin almost took a leaf out of Dan’s book by catching the ball before it had crossed the sideline. And Hugh still keeps running great lines, you’ll get on one those crosses soon!

Overall, a very satisfying result, but the boys are well aware there will be some tough games coming up. 

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