SCUM 2018 - SL7 Round 7 match report

Twelve V Twelve

The Uni State League Sevens hiked west this week to the cold and windy Capital border. Eager to maintain the team's undefeated status, Head Coach Julian Stockwell stressed the significance of the game at hand. The BelWest Reds are positioned at the competitive end of the table and this game was not to be taken lightly. This mental preparation seemed appropriate as the Reds quickly caught ANU off guard to draw first blood.

Calling upon the wind as a twelfth man. West capitalised on an early corner with a curving cross that fell directly behind ANU’s defence and then goal-line. This setback was short lived however as Uni retaliated with a solid through ball from Felix Freckmann onto Dan Blair who brought the score back to a level 1-1. The away team however did not have to wait long for more fruits to follow. Harry Crawford caught the West goalkeeper planted on both feet as he magically redirected a corner cross between the posts. And Felix cleaned up scraps as the keeper bumbled a powerful strike bringing the score to 3-1.

This rapid change in circumstances caused the Belwest Boys to rethink their tactics. Taking inspiration from a mixture kickboxing and gridiron, the Reds began targeting blue legs with the occasional shoulder to chest tackle.

The second half saw much of the same aggression from Uni’s challengers.

But it wasn’t long before ANU would strike again. Composed midfielder, Jay Hawkins executed a skilful run up the left wing before turning back in towards goal. In a panic, the flustered defence employed their signature leg swiping tactics to bring about a penalty. Without hesitation, Fearless Felix stepped up to the challenge, creatively deciding to kick the ball as fast as possible directly at the keeper. The plan worked! Skimming the diving keepers leg and into the net.

ANU’s fortune continued with some precision kicking from Centre Back, Adam Hawkins. Calculating the exact angle needed for a goal-scoring deflection, Hawkins homed in on a Belwest defender who gladly obliged. Goal number 5 for ANU will deservedly go down in the history books as the Centre Back's second goal of the season.

It was in the final minutes that the home team chose to play some football. And it was these final minutes where the Reds looked their most threatening. Conscious of these late dangers, substituted player Dan Blair decided to intervene in play and become ANU’s own twelfth man (and do a little ball tampering). This worked to no avail with the Reds netting the final goal, ending the game 5-2 to the good guys.

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