SCUM 2018 - SL6 Round 8 Match Report

This round saw the fellers haulin' ass to Braidwood with a lot on their minds ranging from "what's the best pie shop in Braidwood?" to "will we have enough players?" to "why is Braidwood even in ACT football comp?" to whether Andy Barr has done enough to keep CBR's nightlife alive and thumpin. I was personally worried about the wellbeing of the ref, weighing in at 380 pounds and resembling our man The Big Show.

Our carefree take on the outcome of the game was warranted, as we really dominated from the offset, playing the old reverse 4-4-2 due to the lack of defenders. Pretty simply, we were just gonna outscore the bastards! We had them on the ropes for most of the first half without opening the scoring, coming close with about 10 shots from in the 6 yard box until Brim finally latched onto a loose one and relieved some nerves. 1-0 ANU.

Having spent the duration of the car trip talking shit
about life, degrees, what classifies North Canberra and smokin durries, Gus equalised with a free kick to make sure of the golden boot at a glorious 5 goals. 2-0 half time.

Second half started where the first ended, with the lads (credit to them) running hard lines with high knees. After some more domination in Palerang's half, the boys were starting to feel the strain of having 1 sub and shots were coming in from downtown, uptown and Tim's butt. 3-0 ANU.

After that we sorta chilled out and just kicked the ball about, which didn't work very well because next thing we knew Palerang were chasing a bouncing ball in the box. Enter Dan. Having a relatively quiet match, he was called into action and was allegedly fouled as he punched the ball away, but The Big Show was at the other end of the field and couldn't see jack so he called a foul and gave Palerang a lifeline into the game. The penalty was scored, and we resumed our domination of the game. No hat trick for Trim, which was sad for him but he was hogging it a bit so we weren't altogether unhappy.

On to bigger and better matches I say, well done dudes 110%. The Dojo bakery has the best pies btw...
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