SCUM 2018 - CL Round 7 Match Report

A night game on a Wednesday
O’Connor knights home vs ANU away
Held in the deep southern suburb of Greenway
Despite that from both clubs this was faraway 
But they had a wedding to attend on Saturday 
And wanted grass not synthetic, rebound ace, nor clay
Why couldn’t we have it at the O’Connor fairway?

This information, not a soul could relay
To get there we’d take the Tuggeranong Parkway
It would be peak hour so we expected delay
I finished work and picked up Rowan straightaway
40 minutes to kill so to music we did sway
A rapper glorifying the consumption of a sweet Mary jay
Next we discussed our respective day
It was one fairly typical for the middle of May 
Yeah it was cold but the sun shone the odd ray
Emails were sent, children did play
On the side of the road I spotted decay
An easy feed for an eastern osprey 
“What are you having for dinner?” Rowie replied “Satay”

We arrived at the field which was predominantly hay
To make matters worse, no lines on display
Of the game there’s not too much to say
To claim not winning enough 50/50s would be too cliché
3 goals were scored one from a breakaway
The score was 2-1, 3 points their way
And the post match mood was far from gay 
So we hastily exited via Soward Way
Hoping never to return to the suburb of Greenway
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