SCUM 2018 - SL3 Round 7 match report

Having a look at the pitch at Wright Park and how shit it was, we knew we were going to have a strange game on our hands. 

The stand in ref rocked up 10 minutes late, looking like he had just gotten off a flight from a trip back to Barbados. He then admitted he had just put one through the misso, the reason for him being late.

When the game finally started 15 minutes late, self proclaimed “star striker”, Liam Sanby pulled up lame after a couple minutes. This allowed the actual star of the team, Jeremy Saleh, to come on and host his own cake cutting expedition. Two assists from the team’s weapon spearheaded a ruthless streak of 3 goals in the first 20 minutes. 

Liam Sanby came back on after the 20 minutes, shanked a fourth goal. Nothing else really happened except for Lachie Tan becoming a punching bag for the other team, and the game ended in a 4-0 win to Jeremy’s angels.

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