SCUM 2018 - M2 Round 5 match report

ANU vs Tuggeranong

First half was a boring struggle with F-all opportunities and some long strikes from Tuggies that didn’t trouble stand in keeper Ransome Mclean.

In a bid to make the first half interesting and to see if he could get a save on his stats sheet, the stand in ANU keeper (Ranse) decided he would take a throw in across goals with the intention of getting back to the goal mouth to save the inevitable strike from Tuggeranong.  Looking on from the sidelines holding a flag at the time it was a disturbing series of events.  Despite Ranse’s best efforts the score remained 0-0 at half time. 

In the second half the stand in striker Benny Nichols was 1 on 1 with keeper and missed. Everyone in the post-match press circle was extremely surprised at the miss, Nichols was not happy with the outcome either and refused to talk on camera after game (Ed – Will he be invited back to M2?).   It was then left to Chris Wall to get ANU the points, Walls got 1 on 1 with keeper in an instant replay moment of Nichols' attempt 10 minutes prior, there were 10 men on the field waiting intently to see the result.  The keeper came running towards the striker, who in act of pure genius, deviated his straight run to the by line and began to turn inwards towards the penalty spot to open up the goal mouth. The keeper tracked the run but by the time he was ready to make his lunge at the oncoming player and ball, the goal mouth was sufficiently un-protected and Wallsy side footed the winner.

1-0 ANU on the day.

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