SCUM 2018 - SL2 Round 7 Match Report

Round 7 and the Uni boys we were up against cross town rivals, Bruce Special School for Untalented Window Lickers.

First half saw the Uni boys score 2 and dominate possession. Probably should’ve had another 2, but Cam thought he’d hit it straight down Luke’s throat, who obliged and swallowed it like a cupcake.

Second half kicks off, started off alright but then everyone used their telekinetic powers and all agreed to start playing like a busted arsehole. UC managed to score (fuck knows how, ask Alex) and then Spindy decided to do the charitable thing and also score, just for UC. Fantastic, 2-2 and the Window Lickers are back in it.

The Uni boys went with the tried and tested Jamie long throw to Brando for a headed goal. Bang it’s 3-2 and the good guys are winning again. Game over, right? Apparently fucking not. After telling some little chode c#nt he couldn’t kick his free kick the required distance, he went on to ping it a good 35m in to the box. Up go the Uni boys all together, ball gets half cleared to the back post, only there was a waiting Window Licker. Fuck. Said Window Licker has somehow connected (wouldn’t do it another 99/100 times if he tried) and managed to connect enough to put it in the back of the net. 3-3.

Let’s pretend this week never happened

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