SCUM 2018 - CLR Round 7 match report

CLR’s SCUMmiest Report Yet. #7

A 3-1 loss to the O’Connor Knights Reserve side will remain a skid mark on the ANU’s record for years to come. ANU looked to be bringing home the bacon from the get-go, but the boys were having none of it. A run-of-the-mill pass-back saw ANU’s keeper perform a striking rendition of ‘Bambi on Ice’ as the ball rolled out for an unlikely corner. The Knights obliged and drew first blood. 1-0.

ANU hit back in the second half. Luka banged a header in. A spectator grinned. It might’ve been fat Adsy. Anyway, Luka donned his usual finger pointing celebration. Nice. 1-1.

A bit later Josh ascended through the air and into heaven. Then a filthy, mannerless Knight sliced the ball into the ANU net. 2-1. It hurt, but we know Josh is in a better place.

Sometime between the match beginning and ending a short, fat bloke from the other team ran onto a long ball and accidentally scored. 3-1.

Attendance: 1 and a small dog.

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