SCUM 2018 - CL Round 6 Match Report

Meeting Charlie Perkins

The Game

Tim Lopez had a red Powerade. Matt Rice was there. Sam Carters probably did some good things. We won/lost (circle as appropriate).

Not the Game

With the dispatching of Narrabunda, so began a journey across North Canberra. Scary things happened. A loud Canadian took off his shirt while Pat Carr made everyone else drink. Joshua Jordan demonstrated that he has a coffee machine. Charlie Perkins. Max Bottl cut up a watermelon with about as much accuracy as his penalty taking in midweek. Ollman drank deeply from a Birkenstock. Again. Woulfe brought his dad, which was mental. Jan stayed off tinder for 3 hours, which is apparently a personal record. There were pictures of Zac Scholes at every house, one even making it to Hellenic. We are left to think, that on the day we set aside to remember him, a F2F was what he would have wanted.

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