SCUM 2018 - SL7 Round 7 match report

Round 6 saw the undefeated SL 7 heading away (again!!), this time to Tuggeranong, to face bottom dwellers, Tuggeranong United. With rivals Gungahlin posting an astonishing 13-0 score-line previously against Tugg’s lacklustre defence, the stage was set for a shootout, with hat-tricks and clean-sheets the order of the day.

Keen to intimidate the opposition early, Eoin thought it best to cart half the team to the game in Dad’s truck, stolen off an Indiana Jones set. While it may not have worked to that effect, when tackling the off-piste terrain of the Tuggeranong car park, it was certainly the vehicle of choice. The difficult terrain and troubles locating which field was to host the forthcoming onslaught, proved to be the toughest of challenges faced by Div 7 early on, steaming into kick-off hungry for goals. 

After an early tap in for Dan

 (a crafty set up by his striking partner Eoin) and a tidy 1 on 1 finish from Jay, ANU were off to just the start that the doctor ordered. Back from a spell out of the side due to a severe case of glandular fever (wonder how that happened), debutant Andrew was eager to make a move on his striking counter-parts, already several goals ahead. His first involvement was putting yours truly through one on one, which led to Indiana Jones converting his first goal for the day. I’ll let you figure out how that one came to pass. Andrew wasn’t done there though, netting one for himself, and notching ANU’s 4th for the half. Things went a little quiet from there, with Jules running his as always, calculated substitutions, and plenty of chances going begging; 5 minutes spent with repeated corners (no prizes for guessing what we practised this week). But, just before the half-time break, the competitions leading goal-scorer popped his head up again, this time hitting the side netting with an un-saveable volley, providing a 5-0 lead to Uni heading into the break.

This week's half-time talk

had nothing of the inspirational words provided by the so called ‘leadership team’ in previous weeks. The game was afoot, and people were hungry for more scoring, more goals, and more of the Div 7 champagne football we had been presented in the first half. But, there was saboteur in our midst …

The second half continued as the first had left off

with Hugh finishing nicely, and the team finally converting one of Andy’s crosses (much to the delight of Jules who couldn’t contain his excitement on the sideline). Meanwhile, over on the other sideline, the Tuggeranong coach, who could only be described as your stock standard overenthusiastic soccer mum, was giving her lads an earful, encouraging the 7 goal comeback. This saw a momentary stand-still in the game, with neither team wanting to concede momentum. And, so, as if it had been scripted by Spielberg himself, galloping through on horse back, whip in hand came Indy, netting his second for the day and tearing away the spirited effort put forth by the opposition. This allowed for Tim to notch himself on the scorers sheet, and, equal his tally from last season.

With no hat-tricks yet to hit the board

the boys at the back were becoming restless, and Hawkins couldn’t take it any longer. Frustrated with the lack of composure in front of goal in the second half, Hawko dispossessed a sorry Tuggeranong striker, and proceeded to charge up the field, leaving defenders and equally shocked teammates in his wake. Leaving all thought of defence out the window, this was a one-way ticket, poetry in motion, as the once confined central defender strode towards the goal-keeper, only one to beat. Was there ever any doubt? 9-0 to ANU, much to the delight of all but ‘Jazz-man’ Jared and Anton, who felt cheated, having to stay back and protect what was looking like an illusive clean sheet. Most of the team spent the rest of the match in awe, which gave the ‘Klean Sheet Killa’ every opportunity to execute his plan. With the seconds winding down, Josh finally thought he had it at last, but then disaster struck. The killa, disguised as one of our own took the ball from the back and delivered it to the opposition in a threatening scoring position and before the boys could figure out how they hadn’t seen through the disguise, the ball was in the back of the net… another clean sheet had gone awry.

Full-time, 9-1 to ANU, with no hat-tricks nor clean sheets to speak of. Despite what can be described as a fairly solid performance, Indy rolled his truck off and away from Tuggeranong, left on his mind what could have been…

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