SCUM 2018 - SL5 Round 6 Match Report

SL5 vs Charnie Vixens

Top of the table ANU trekked out to Charnwood to play bottom of the table Belwest Foxes. Second placed Tuggeranong had thumped them 11-1 the week before so the 10 goal target had been set.

Zach was amongst it early, and it was his pressure and assist which enabled gazelle Scott Pearce to round the keeper, despite his momentum almost carrying the ball dead. I’m not sure if there is anyone in the history of the game that has a higher straight line: sideways speed ratio. That’s not even a criticism of his sideways speed. Brilliant, delicate left foot finish in the end. Zach was at it again a moment later, providing the assist to Scott’s assist to a Belwest own goal.

The game proceeded much in the same fashion. Scott Pearce pulled off a brilliant backwards header from a great free kick from Ro. Then we scored a bunch of great goals on the break.

In a quiet afternoon for the defence Finn’s interceptions and tika-taka play out from the back was a highlight, and the rest of the backline kept them well out of it. Clean sheets are worth two goals and a shitload of morale when you’re chasing goal difference. Hugo and Kimber bossed the midfield pretty comfortably. Tom Elford continued in his usual way up forward, his usual mix of great runs, having penalties blatantly denied, a couple of goals and a stirring half-time speech was a highlight. In a sentence: ‘don’t make mistakes’. And it probably only needed the sentence. The wingers menaced the flanks and tracked back well, Henry again with a brilliant tackle in defence right on our penalty spot.

Celebrity keeper Tom Cutler kept morale high and hit some great goal kicks.

Opposition watch: Number 7, the old, fattish guy from Belwest is clearly a troubled soul. If I cared I’d have him committed, for his own good as much as the community’s.

The end result was 8-0 to ANU, which seems decent in the wet. Our biggest enemy on the day was probably our own linesman. Not only for the goals he disallowed but the constant stream of abuse he offered at our own team. I’m not sure the ref quite knew what to do with it.

Kinda fair enough though, our forwards were probably ‘offside’ in the ‘capital league’ or ‘football’ sense of the term. In a ‘SL5 own linesman’ sense though...

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