SCUM 2018 - M4 Round 1-6 mid-season review 

Round  1 – Belwest  2-2 draw… well the first game was here… and with no game plan in place and with player introductions still occurring at kickoff the only thing to do was to pick a starting team and hope for the best. As with most masters games the banter with the opposition generally starts from when you get out of the car and lasts all game so after hanging some crap on Rosco I couldn’t help but wonder if any of the large belwest lads would last the half or require an ambulance. As for the game I am not really sure what happened after that except that we started well… scored first (newby Greame I think) and then missed a shite load and then conceded one and then it was time for oranges. And as would have it the oranges roster didn’t work but the opposition lads did have oranges and if my eyes didn’t deceive me I reckon a few belwest lads had done a quick run to the pie shop. With the ambassador taking control of the whistle it was time to get back on and try and get something out of the game. As would have it the halftime break did us no favours but we did end up scoring first with newby Greg finding the back of the net. Many shots and lots of good defending with micky getting a touch onto the post to save the game in the end. Scotty’s sledging was the highlight from the bench and as would have it with masters games all players start keen to get onto the pitch to start the game and the last 20 sees nobody wanting to go back on.  Good game all round and great start verse a good team with the draw.

Round 2 - Belnorth 9-0 win... Well who saw that coming... goal feast. With plenty of players our first game playing at home on south the day was set for some fun and well we did make the most of it. This was Belnorth's first game and to be honest they were still introducing each other at KO. Not sure what really happened but the passes stuck shots went in and by the end of it Kenny had a hattrick and goals were shared around. Scotty with 1, Nige 1, Moesy 2 and scythe 2. The midfield combined well with the backs and the ball moved upfield quickly which helped keep the pressure on their backs. Couchie & co and the backs worked well and micky got a clean sheet after a couple of near chances. Orange roster still not working but the beer was cold. 

Round 4 - Weston 2-0 win at Waramanga – after the usually banter before the game with the “hacker” from the creek we started well and managed to get one goal either side of halftime with Ben in the first half after a good run from simmo down the right and then in the second Kenny finishing a run down the right from waz.  A little restless with the natives at times with Marcus getting his first yellow for the year and snooks having a few words at times. Fortunately for us none of the creek boys sat on the couch so we continued to dominate the midfield all day. No oranges and as it would have it and with moesy away no esky although I did manage to sneak a beer out of the Weston esky on my way past. A few injuries with Greg and micky getting hurt and it was a hard fought well deserved win.

Round 5 - Woden 3-1 win. Its seems the lineup changed once again and with no keeper in site the gloves were going to be shared. The woden lads spread the ball around quite well for M4’s but with Waz and scotty dominating the midfield it was just  a matter of time and waz slotted one in the first half with moesy, jaffa and scotty going close on a few occasions.  The defensive effort kept us in the game and Marcus, freddy and snooks played the ball out well from the back. No oranges again at halftime and with scotty taking the gloves from scythe the pressure was on to keep a clean sheet. The halftime was good for us this week and moesy got the second midway through the second half and then Kenny got the sealer after some great passing out of the midfield. The midfield did a lot of work on a very busy morning. Nige ended up with a busted toe and Scotty got chipped late in the game. The beers with the egg & bacon rolls went down well after fulltime. Great all round effort and well deserved win which now leaves us on the top of the table for whatever its worth after 5 rounds.

Round 6 – Gunners 5-1 Loss. What really can be said except from the moment we arrived we were blown off the park. Losing the toss and running into the wind was just the start of what was going to be a long day in the office.  To be fair we looked good when we controlled the ball but we couldn’t keep the ball and gunners just  kept shooting everytime they got the ball. It took 30 mins for us to concede and yes Marcus did manage to get off a cracking shot straight into our net. The half time whistle was a relief and with the winds at our back for the second half spirits where high and we did score first in the second half with moesy slotting a pen. From there we just ran out of gas and the gunners boys grew an extra leg and ran riot. No half time oranges but the beer was cold and thank f*ck for the full time whistle.

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