SCUM 2018 - CL Round 5 Match Report

The lads headed down to Monaro looking to seal the 3 points without having to comeback from a goal down. The game started well with the lads enjoying the majority of the ball in the early stages. Our first chance came in the first 5 mins wining the ball high up the pitch, it found its way to Hopey. Monaro’s centre backs had parted like the Red Sea leaving Hopey to use his trademark nutmeg to score. But failing to be in the defensive line this game, Hopey’s maturity got the best of him and shot wide. The crowd was slightly disappointed, mainly Danny, he was looking forward to using his Canadian accent to taunt Monaro.

JJ was high on confidence after taking Jon’s number 10 shirt, and skipped down the left until he was fouled just outside the box. With none of the usual free kick takers on the pitch, Ollman quickly stepped up to take it. I tapped him on the shoulder and pulled the classic “I feel good about this one” card. It ended up being a good choice and I scored, I received a polite round of applause from Chase and an ‘oh Canada’ from Danny.

Moments later we were in prime position to go 2-0 up. Maxi beat at least 2 of Monaro’s defenders and did well to avoid challenges, until of course, he was in the box. Being one of the default penalty takers I again stepped up. Maybe it was the over confidence because we were playing Monaro or maybe it was just a good save. Whatever it was, the penalty was saved in bottom left corner with the keeper regathering his save.

After the penalty

the game became a little bit more even, our defence was doing well to keep some of Monaro’s pacey attackers at bay. The midfield was also heating up with the pitch providing a good surface to slide on. Carters was on the end of a particularly bad challenge which was probably a red but it was early on in the game and the ref didn’t have as big balls as his predecessor for the CLR game. Carters didn’t seem to mind, as it gave him something to show his lady friends ;)

The game fell into, as it had in previous weeks, when will ANU score. There were many chances from around the box. Beloved ANU member Matt Rice hit a ball sweetly from outside the box but forgot that he only scores with his weaker left foot as it sailed over the cross bar.

The breakthrough finally came when I was brought down in the box and another penalty was given. Maxi stepped up, although Liam who is yet to be on the scoresheet was looking keen. Maxi confidently sent the keeper the wrong way and scored. Once again a loud Canadian man could be heard cheering.

We looked to finish off the half strongly, there were more chances from in and around the box. Maxi had a few more penalty cries, but the ref was having none of it. Finally, a clear chance present itself, Carters found himself on the receiving end of a well weighted cross. Everyone expected Carters to head this one home like he had done throughout this and last season, but he got mixed up between choosing his head or right foot and the chance went begging. Halftime.

We knew how to finish the game out

and agreed that the final ball or shot just needed to be a bit better. We came out again controlling the first 10 to 15 mins. The game became more even as the half went on. @LordJim69 started to make some changes, but with no fresh legs on the bench it was hard to tell if the subs were going to make an impact. Carters went off injured and a tired Rowan came on as his replacement. It proved to be a stroke of genius as we scored again, this time by showing patience around the box and with Maxi delivering a cross at the right time to JJ. 3-0.

Monaro lifted, they started to have more counter attacks, and our midfield was breaking down under fatigue. The pressure became too much and with one of their only shots on target the whole game Monaro scored. 3-1.

Monaro started to hold more of the possession, our defence was holding strong. More changes were made, Isaac came on and JJ off, Josh on and Matt rice off. Ollman moved into his more comfortable positon of midfield and moving forward more often with the attack. As the half went on Monaro started to show signs of tiredness and our superior fitness was shining through as we pressed higher up the pitch. The pressure was too much for Monaro’s keeper, one of his clearances was missed kicked finding Ollman in space and the goal largely unguarded. But this took nothing away from Ollman’s finish, chipping the keeper from 35 out with the ball only touching the ground after it had hit the net. This broke what was left of Monaro’s spirit as both teams played it out until the game ended.

TL;DR – Canadian man makes loud comments at struggling Queanbeyan team, ANU win 4-1

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