SCUM 2018 - M2 Round 3 Match Report

ANU Masters 2 v the Weston Creek Whingers

A few weeks ago… on South

ANU Masters 2 faced a visit from the ever-affable Weston Creek team known as the Whingers and featuring the apparently well known ‘Lazarus’ or something brothers who are apparently good at football… or were good at football before they died and came back to life as old men who used to be good at football but whinge and smirk and cajole the ref enough to be enough fouls in the right spots to win games. Weston clearly turned up expecting an easy win in this one.

The Whingers formerly known as multiple times Masters Division 1 champions decided that despite whining Div 1 numerous times they:

  1. didn’t want to play in the cold climes of Wednesday or Fridays nights in the new Division 1 format this year and 
  2. could not again face the might on the ANU M1 team and face another embarrassing and soul destroying loss. 

Like every good team that is afraid of losing they decided to play other worse teams in the hope of winning yet again and restoring balance to their force so they graced Div 2 with their presence.

The game started well for ANU 

with some solid defence and organisation frustrating the whingers for the first half. The good sportsmanship from the whingers slowly began to ebb as ANU remained resolute in defence with the midfield and defence packed as tightly as an Indian Train. We were happy to let them have the ball and muck around with it in the back as they sort to probe and break down the ANU defence. Chances were few and far between as the game entered half time at 0-0.

The game was turned upside down when our plan to counter was masterfully carried out by ANU Masters 2’s very own mythical being Pat. Not content just to propel his old self through the air at an angle not since seen or imagined since in just missing an attempt on goal with a diving header, Patty received the ball outside the box and clipped a delicious curling, dipping shot into the corner. 1- 0 to ANU.

This set off the Whingers and the barrage of insults was increased as they faced a Wall that Trump would be proud of… some pearlers were heard ‘its not football when you put 8 behind the ball…’ ‘you guys should be ashamed of the way you are playing…’ ‘you can’t just kick it long and expect to win football games…’ ‘This isn’t football ref…’ (most masters teams would have you believe otherwise). ‘You f**king cheat linesman…’ As the fouls piled up and the tension rose the whinging got better and better. Interesting ideas about how to play football from a team that had dropped down to face lesser competition. You would think they would play Div 1 if they were so worried about the quality of the beautiful game.

Alas the quality of the Weston team across the park told in the end as we ran out of legs towards the end of the game and a couple of defensive lapses lead to goals – 3 by the end of the day.

ANU losers 3-1 on this day but confident of being able to match the self appointed heros of the comp later in the season. Thanks to Plastique for filling in as keeper and a solid performance to build on for the M2 lads.

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