SCUM 2018 - SL7 Round 5 Match Report

An away trip for any football team is a great chance for review and discussion. To take an inventory of how the team is travelling thus far and to mentally jot down a few points for potential improvement. SL7 being blessed with so many capable public servants in the leadership group could at times be prone to over analysis. So how does one measure success so early on in the season. Is it purely about how many wins and where you sit on the table, is it how your team is coping to adopting the new Gombau-like system and the number of passes and possession achieved? Or is it the manner in which they play, how the players apply themselves and the heart they show on the field. Everyone will have a different answer to this age-old question, however if there is anything to be learnt from the newly crowned champions Melbourne Victory and their star player Terry Antonis is that the most important thing is ticker. Having that will and courage to go on and compete for your team no matter how many own goals you score.

On an unrelated topic SL7 scored 6 goals at Yass winning the game 5-1. The side now fully into the swing of the patented Stockwell/Hawkins Snr 3-5-2 formation played some beautiful football. Possession was maintained, passing was crisp, there was excellent ball speed, wide players were utilised. In fact ANU may have over utilised the multitude of space created down the left wing with Andy putting in a record 17 crossing without a single goal converted. Quite a feat considering the team scored 6. Despite our strikers selective tastes as to when they would score they still managed to bag all the goals put in the correct net with physical presence and athletic ability. As your inside man I can tell you some in the leadership group were left crying out for more goals such was the magnitude of chances created, however in reality a good percentage of chances were converted particularly so when adjusted for the apparent distaste to scoring from chances created from wide positions.

As the first half wore on

and ANU felt themselves slipping into the driver’s seat and it appeared this may be that one game of the year when it would be possible for anyone to get on the score sheet and not just the strikers, so Stockwell and Hawkins Snr having had too much time in the car on the trip to Yass to discuss potential strategies suddenly unveiled their pocket ace. A new formation so daring and bold that they had yet to share it with the rest of the team for fear that Bert van Marwijk might steal it before the patent is approved. Both simultaneously rushed forward and created the new 1-5-4 (yes that’s right one defender) structure. Luckily the team was afforded Terry Antonis like cover defence from midfield but this was just a band aid. This needed to be addressed and mercifully the half time whistle blew. 3-1.

As the team headed to the sheds (well the Yass equivalent... sitting under a tree) the team realised we faced a systemic leadership failure. How do you confront such madness from a tyrannical regime? You need a hero. A black sheep from within the so called and undefined leadership group (which appears to just be anyone over 30), someone who can stand up to the powers that be. Someone who said stuff this being a public servant gig I’m going back to the glory of the ANU campus. Who you gonna call? Jazz man!! (aka. Jared...) 

Jazz man single-handedly gave the half time team talk that should have come from the usual candidates, however they were unable to as the talk was completely directed at them. It worked and order was restored. ANU went on to cruise through the second half adding two more goals to their tally and the team headed home with much to review and discuss on the long trip back. Had they just witnessed a coup d’état? Or had the Jazz man just revealed himself as the newest cast member of the upcoming infinity war 2, the billionth marvel franchise film? Or if that doesn't pan out, the next season of The Bachelor? Only time will tell…

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