SCUM 2018 - SL7 Round 4 Match Report

Round 4 of Australia’s premier football competition – ACT State League Division 7 – took the undefeated ANU FC on their first intercontinental trip of the season to face the imposing Gunghalin FC. The 14 hour red-eye flight out to Bonner was a hurdle overcome by the stoic 7s boys, as we managed to turn out in impressive numbers to a windy playing field attached to one of Gunghalin’s many multi-use school/penitentiary facilities.

Gunghalin had lost just the one game so far 

and their confidence was evident, playing an aggressive three-man front line, centred around a imposing central striker who, despite barely being able to break into a light jog, managed to find space within the stretched ANU back three. Gunners had the weight of possession in the first half, applying heavy pressure to the ANU outfit, and managing to string together a perfect slew of passes, finished off by a clean strike to put them 1-0 up just before the half time break. Having not being troubled at al this season so far, Josh was shook and looked to fire the team up for an equaliser before half time blew.

ANU pressed hard and the game seemed to hang on a knife’s edge. Going in to half time, ANUFC was down 1-0 but there was everything still to play for.

During the half time break Jules made the decisive call to switch up the team formation. After having watched at least 20 minutes of Youtube football tactics vids, Jules backed himself to employ a strong 4-5-1 formation. Scouts from Sunderland and Italy were seen taking notes on the sideline, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Jules was approached by many of Europe’s top leagues for a tactical role some time in the near future.

 The formula Jules used is as follows:

Thankfully, the formation change worked

and our back four handled the imposing Gunners attack. The second half was vastly different from the first, with ANU holding 63.5% possession inside the front third. 

It wasn't long before, Dan managed to break the Gunghalin defence with some excellent link up play to slot home an equaliser and put ANU right back in the game. 

ANU’s endurance showed, and Gunghalin’s players could be seen hobbling off to the bench for a rejuvenating Winnie Blue or three in an attempt to keep up.

Alas, no further goal could be found despite many, many good chances for ANU to put the game to bed. A few late flourishes from Anton and Felix were unlucky to not be put away, and the game ended 1-1. ANU fortunately have the chance to regain points in the title race when we travel to Norway to face Yass FC next weekend. 

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