SCUM 2018 - CLR Round 4 Match Report

Capital League were deep in the doldrums leading into round 4, after losing to enemy #1 White Eagles in Round 2, and Canberra FC in a tough FFA cup tie, as well as a draw to future bottom dwellers Brindabella Blues (R3), and finally a missed SCUM report from Adam Grylls for Round 3. Jon Scott did his best to perk us up with the new Hellenic outfits that includes only skinny white jeans with optional shirts. It certainly perked up Chase Deans and 1/3rd of the ladies watching from the bar (see below; note Chase Deans’ perkiness, also note Dash wearing illegal chinos). Matt Rice remained unperked however, as H&M were unable to provide a skinny jean suitable for his glutes.

Reinvigorated by our matching pants,

CL approached Round 4 with determination and fervour. We knew our opponents, the heavy-set/big boned Canberra Olympic, were not built for the ANU “Basketball Court” that is Willows Oval. A win would ensure 3 points, a draw only 1, and a loss no points. This is how it works.

It was a classic ANU CL game, as if we follow the same script, week-in, week-out: Tim Lopez did a step-over, Max Mottle dove in the box, Chase Deans shimmied his hips and then grazed his knee, Euan Peterkin should have passed and then apologised, Sam Carters won a header, Issac Bennett spewed on the sideline and looked tired, Andrew Manley scored, Nick Hope rated himself 10/10, Jake Bradley did his best Hope Solo impressions, and Jan and myself watched on lazily from defence. Also true to form, and despite 90% possession and territory, we went down 1-0 late in the second half. An enquiry into the events leading up to the goal was immediately set up by Andrew Manley and Liam Denvir, and we eagerly await the results. As the sense of injustice in the score line grew, and with some inspirational substitutes from Jim “agnostic to formations” Dawson, CL rallied. The Canberra Olympic keeper was immense, probably better than Jake and Adam combined, and made some huge saves, however eventually he succumbed to the pressure when Andrew Manly blasted a ball at his near post. Max Mottl sealed Olympics fate when he smashed a second in from point blank.

Thanks for great support from the sidelines, including the guys from CLR and SL4, some loud Canadian Trump supporter, Bondi Congoes, and that little white dog. Adam Grylls was there, but he was a bad influence on the boys (cc Meg Grylls).  

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