SCUM 2018 - M2 Round 4 Match Report

An unseasonally balmy Sunday morning in Warramanga was the venue for our fourth round fixture and grand final replay. Off the back of a loss to the other Weston team the week prior (they’re not bad for M2s), but having given them a run for their money for two thirds of the game, the ANU squad was looking to get back to winning ways. A full squad had us looking good in depth, which turned out to be handy given (a) how warm it was (b) unfit we all are given it’s only round 4 and (c) how easily old people break.

The first half all went more or less to plan other than the actual scoring part – ANU created a few chances while Weston had barely a sniff. Weston sat back with 10 behind the ball for much of the game, affording ANU time and space across most of the park. Once we settled the passing was almost fluid at times, and the movement was good. For a relatively new team you could be forgiven for thinking things might be starting to come together.

Late on Juan had a good chance following a half-cleared cross – arriving late and steaming on to it from outside the box he opted for power and buried it in the top corner (of the car park). Half time came and things were still tied up at 0-0, but with ANU have looked by far the most likely to create something.

The second half started with more of the same, ANU making more or possession and Weston sitting back and playing long balls to their man mountain of a striker. The deadlock was broken in the 50‑somethingth minute. Matt Caldow, of all people, with a 25-yard thunderbolt (pay me later Matt) copping a wicked deflection on the way through and wrong-footing the keeper. 1-0 ANU, wasn’t pretty, but who cares.

Ten minutes late it got better for ANU, another over-hit cross from the numpty at right back eluded the intended target Pat and landed at Juan’s feet. A neat finish across the keeper and it was 2-0 and almost looking comfy.

As the half wore on and with the game in danger of petering out, Pat brought the ball down and held it up in the box waiting serenely for some support to arrive. The makeshift Weston fullback saw a sliver of ball on the other side of Pat’s leg and decided he’d try sliding in, with an inevitable conclusion. Dusting himself off, Pat staked his claim as preferred penalty taker, slotting the ball in the bottom corner. Goal kick, wait what!? How the…. Is that even an option? Ref called ANU encroachment (Boof later admitted it was him), and rather than opting for the traditional re‑take, went for his own interpretation of the rules. 

To his credit, Pat only whinged about it for about 5 minutes

and even had the last laugh by the time the game was done. With about 5 to go, another cross was fired in – at full stretch Pat somehow got a toe to the ball at shoulder height to steer it past the despairing dive of the keeper and into the onion bag. 3-0 ANU and job done.

That third goal took all the remaining fight out of Weston and ANU cruised to a well deserved third victory for the year. We’re all looking forward to next week on willows against Tuggeranong, our knees may not agree.