SCUM 2018 - CLR Round 3 Match Report

Beating Down the Blues

ANU Ressies conquered the Blue’s against all adversity last Saturday night. We had the privilege of being one of the first teams to play on Brindabella’s new enclosed fields, with never-seen-before LED lights. It was pretty lit. Unfortunately, being 3pm, the lights were turned off for the duration of the match. Nonetheless, they looked nice, and I spent most of my time admiring them. #keeperlyf
As with most things, the Capital League had the honour of being “first” to experience all of their LED goodness. #feelsbadbro #Imnotbitteratall
Ressies started strongly, we were quick to assert our authority over our opposition. After 15 minutes, a plethora of 1-on-1 opportunities left ANU with nothing but a bad taste in our mouths, and an opposition GK with an overly inflated ego. 

Goal Keepers are just the worst… 
Feeling deflated the Reserves retreated into their shell and began to play a little more defensively. Individual acts of stupidity bravery destroyed created many an opportunity, all of which were thwarted by the Goal Keepers.
The second half saw an identical display of football as the first. The Blue’s keeper seemed to have an impenetrable sphere 1 meter in diameter around his person, thwarting all of the Reserves advances. Unfortunately, we were unable test whether this mysterious force field was in effect for much else of the goal face… As a university student, in a university team I was a little disappointed in the lack of scientific curiosity the team displayed. That was until one glorious Dashveen Jose dashed one elegant shot into the opposite top corner of the Blue’s net from the dead ball line. The boys got around him!
End Result ANU 1 Brindabella Blues 0.

Special thanks to Robbie for playing with a broken foot (what a guy).