SCUM 2018 - SL2 Round 3 Match Report

Week 2 saw the SL2 lads facing off against ADFA. I know what you’re thinking and yes, you’re right, it was almost an auto win for the lads.

Game ended 5-1, not much to say other than fuck it was hot, ADFA were fit but also footballing mongs. Oh Cam showed up this week, bagged himself a brace too. Maybe he’ll attend more games now?

It was observed from the sideline that a few of the lads seem to be lacking fitness, apparently not training enough and it’s only week 3. Go to training ffs.

Now the biggest talking point of the game was Spindy and his ugg boots. You fucken wot? Yep, ugg boots on a 26 degree day. Nevermind the fact that ugg boots shouldn’t be worn outside the house, Spindy has gone and got himself a pair of the knee high variety. Absolute disgrace really and won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Pic for shaming purposes.