First a word from our patron...
Welcome to the SCUM, official magazine of the great and glorious ANUFC.
During my student exchange at ANUFC when I was President, Coach of all the teams and top scorer in every division, I created the SCUM and named it after the most-hated nation of United States.
Now, as Chairman and Supreme Leader, I still enjoy reading these match reports every week while I plot to bring destruction to the rogue Trump and his lackeys.
 - Kim Jong Un (Supreme Leader DPRK, ANUFC President 2002-2007)  

SCUM Match Reports 2018

Below you will find the full list of match reports for 2018 (bear with me if they are updated a little late from time to time). If you want to get your match report included, simply write up your match and send it to 

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State League 10 Orange
Before you get too upset...
The SCUM is a satirical and comedic expression of ANUFC players and teams, so remember to read each match report with a good dose of salt and a few chill pills.
That said, while pushing the hilarity envelope and sharing editing standards with The Daily Telegraph, we might go too far on occasion. If you feel we've missed the mark, please get in touch to discuss your objection at